House and Life

House and Life

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

Hello my friends. Has it really been this long since I blogged? Well I thought I would take this snow day to bring you up to speed if you would like! Remember last time we spoke we bought another big ole house in the Hill Section of Scranton? We also in the meantime sold our little lovely nest. We knew that would be a temporary move, but buying another large renovation was not quite as expected. We love it. This is our 5th home we have gutted, renovated, whatever you want to call it. Its not easy and without major obstacles, but we apparently have passion for it and where there is passion there is proof. Remember the lobby area? Well here it is where we are as we speak: This house came with a whole lot of wallpaper. I mean every wall in the house. We resurfaced all the walls with fresh sheet rock. We meaning Floyd, our guy we have worked with for years. It was a major undertaking, including all the ceilings. All the electrical, plumbing, lighting was all changed and added. Big project. But its worth it. We bathed the far dining room in grasscloth which I use so much professionally (known as the grasscloth QUEEN). But I use it for a reason, adds lots of dimension and texture to a box of a room. We recently added the star in entry. A little theatrical effect, love it. Next up, some custom built in work in living area which we have planned for some time. Can't wait to add a little more interest! My Gigi and James are getting big to say the least. They are happy and having a great year with school and friends. They have settled into the new digs. I have moved Gigi quite a bit and she has always been up for the challenge, but she's asking to stay in this house, which I think I must give in to. But remember we also took on a farmhouse renovation in the Catskills? That too has been an exciting and challenging experiment. I have learned quite a bit on this type of house ownership. Nothing comes easy or is at your fingertips in vast country. You must be careful and go slow with your choices, practically is essential up there. I love the simplicity of the house, and cannot wait to greet Horseshoe house in the early Spring. This is a picture from the hardest day we ever experienced up there: Looks like a fun,summer day right? Well it turned out pretty good for the kids... haha. I had the bright idea to bring them up to the house under construction and painting shortly after its closing. Didn't think about nails, paint, and a mess everywhere. We worked hard that day as I drug a sofa out into our gorgeous, expansive yard for them to relax as we ripped, cleaned up, and basically starved the kids for 6 hours. I think they had some chips... hehehe. I look back on this picture and smile because it has become much easier and rewarding on our visits. We painted the whole house white and filled it with simple, industrial, and primitive furnishings we have collected over the years. This year we plan on painting exterior and adding a new window and roof, plus looking to take on the kitchen. I can't wait for that one. And my business has definitely gathered steam again which as my fellow bloggers know definitely puts a grand ole kink in your time for blogging. Add two kids on top and POOF!!! But I miss you my friends if you still might be listening a bit. I hope to hear from you soon. xoxo Ali

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cmcgrath said...

so glad to read your update!! missed the House and Life blog---love what you have done with your homes. You are so very talented!!!please keep the photos coming