House and Life

House and Life

Friday, May 23, 2008

This is why I've been missing...

The weird wall (see last post) is now gone in the living room. We found out the weird wall was load bearing (who would think a wet bar would be load bearing, but it was...hello header!!!)
No more wall between the dining and the kitchen! And notice the big opening cut in the back for the french door out to the back. Nice light! The two windows in the kitchen are being shortened to allow for base cabinets. In the middle of the windows goes the big range with (hopefully!) a herringbone tile pattern in subway. I know the world is sick of subway, but I never got a chance to use it in my own home and have always lusted after it. So subway it is! And notice that framed cutout next to the first door opening? That is my floor to ceiling hutch with brass chickenwire! I have no uppers, so we need the storage for sure. We are doing a good size island in the middle of the kitchen, and then a skinnier one between the dining and kitchen room. All in a painted grey.
Another shot of the opening. We found that the back porch was in really bad shape, so we are reframing. To the left is the new powder room which can't be seen in this photo. Then to the right, I want to create a type of mudroom setting behind that hutch wall. Maybe some lockers? What do you think?
The "new" addition to the master bedroom. We took one of those front bedrooms to add on to the small master, making for a nice tidy bathroom and walk in closet.
We've made some big strides on the house. Between the litter of racoons found in the eaves, to loads of rain and work, I've been slow on posting on the progress. But we are getting there!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Drum Roll.......

The "prom" stairs as my husband and I have joked about as you enter the house. I love them. In the living and dining room, beautiful yellow stain glass windows.
The dining room. Felix is preparing to rip out that wall in the dining room. Look out!
Coming down the prom stairs to the sea of mauve and an odd wetbar. Both hot in the 80's. Not so much in 2008.
The "new kitchen" area. We are removing that arched wall and the wall to the left (behind is the dining room seen before.) Believe it or not, that is the actual kitchen behind that arch, with the oldest stove known to man.

Well its ours. Pink moulding and all. We now own our "new" home and I am thrilled to share the journey with you.