House and Life

House and Life

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting In the Mood

A bit tricky this year, huh? The traditional images just aren't cutting it for me, but I really liked this one taken from Vanity Fair. We put up a couple lights and one enormous tree. I have to say it felt good, based on the fact we were living out of bags and boxes all summer. I think home is where its at lately. And a couple of reindeer perhaps.

***** I love how our reader Renee wondered if that is Sarah Palin in the middle??***

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Old House Part Two

If you can remember...

This is where we started out. Were we crazy? In some respects, yes.

And now..........

This is where we are to date. So many of you have asked for some updated photos. Sorry it took me so long. As you can see, we took out the wall between the dining and kitchen, got rid of those double arches (one not seen) that brought you into the original kitchen (yes, it was that small). Now a small open pantry and powder room fall in that area which leads you to our new back entry. The cabinets were built by a fantastic woodworker in our area, Jim. Painted in a Ben Moore green grey, trying to find the swatch to note the color. The new built in "hutch" takes the place of the first arch (the doors are meant to have chicken wire inserts, but we'll get to that later.) It's a great piece, basically taking the place of upper cabinets for storage. And I need it! Thanks to my friend Jen for her idea to build it. All the hardware is from Restoration Hardware and the lights are from School House Electric. I went with a very blue grey marble, I love it. And yes, I have already stained it and I don't care. The floor is a tiny hex which after searching high and low, found a pretty affordable variety at Lowes from Merola. The french doors have to get painted. Hate the handles the contractor threw on. But for now, they stay. Hope you like.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The First Lady

Browsing today, I found this picture of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. I'm not sure who took it, but I just loved it. I've been thinking the last couple days of what kind of First Lady Michelle Obama will be. I'm guessing pretty great. She recently said that she first wants to be a mom, which I understand and appreciate.

Apparently this picture is of the White House's Solarium, in which Jackie transformed into a classroom for Caroline and few friends, seen in the photo. Michelle's fashion has been at the forefront of the press. Do you think she'll take interest in the interior design of the White House? We'll soon see!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Domino

I love you, but I hate you! Just when a girl gets her house all painted, you put out a layout that makes you want to start all over. Jenna Lyons, Creative Director at J. Crew, home in Park Slope, Brooklyn is killer in its black, yellow, and grey tones. Who would think that much chalkboard paint could really work? Does it ever for Jenna. Run, don't walk, if you haven't picked up this month's Domino. It's one for the archives.