House and Life

House and Life

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I never really minded the cold. Perhaps artic cold which we have going right now here in Scranton. I hate the darkness at 5 o'clock with two mini persons wanting to do fun things. See below:

I also hate that this house doesn't have a fireplace. I think I've mentioned this a few hundred times. How could you buy such an old house and not have ONE fireplace. I think I see on the floor where they were taken out. I don't quite get that. But I will put one in. I'm thinking simple mantel with a gilted mirror above it. So Michael

I don't think the budget allows for it this year so I'm gonna have to stock up on hurricanes and light up the house. Higher than the little people seen above. I was lamenting to Michael Devine about my "problem" when I was in New York. He said get bookshelves and books. Lots of them. Not a bad idea. I still think I need fireplace. Sorry Michael.

I just noticed this fireplace doesn't have fire! Perhaps I need just a mantel and fake it till I make it.

image from Decorno origin unknown