House and Life

House and Life

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I never really minded the cold. Perhaps artic cold which we have going right now here in Scranton. I hate the darkness at 5 o'clock with two mini persons wanting to do fun things. See below:

I also hate that this house doesn't have a fireplace. I think I've mentioned this a few hundred times. How could you buy such an old house and not have ONE fireplace. I think I see on the floor where they were taken out. I don't quite get that. But I will put one in. I'm thinking simple mantel with a gilted mirror above it. So Michael

I don't think the budget allows for it this year so I'm gonna have to stock up on hurricanes and light up the house. Higher than the little people seen above. I was lamenting to Michael Devine about my "problem" when I was in New York. He said get bookshelves and books. Lots of them. Not a bad idea. I still think I need fireplace. Sorry Michael.

I just noticed this fireplace doesn't have fire! Perhaps I need just a mantel and fake it till I make it.

image from Decorno origin unknown


Devon said...

Isn't there just something about a fireplace? I've never had one until our current house and it has led to many warm evenings with red wine...and only a couple of days where we've accidentally smoked ourselves out of the house. ;)

Good luck with installation--the image is gorgeous! I've also seen Ballard Designs have some electric kind of fireplaces. I think they are more for condos than for your house, but--hey, you never know!

pam@pixelimpress said...

alison, i have only lived with gas fireplaces. ugh. on the list when we build our dream house is a real fireplace. several. my ideal would be one in the kitchen raised to chairseat level to keep everyone warm at the long farmhouse table running down the center of the kitchen.

happy 2010! pam

ps i MUST check my target for those lamps. that's the perfect solution for my dim counters!

kayce hughes said...

I did a fake mantle in our dining room. Not the same as the real thing but I still like it. I love your blog.

House and Life said...


I became a huge fan of YOURS years ago when I saw your clothes at trade show! I'm thrilled you read us!! I'm so glad you refreshed my memory!

Trina said...

If it were up to me, we'd have a fireplace in the den and in the dining room (this is in addition to the fireplace we currently have and love in our living room). They just make a whole room glow! But my fireplace additions are only dreams...too expensive. BUT I think having a nice mantle sans fire is a GREAT option! Something about a mantel just adds a nice cozy feeling to a room. Trina