House and Life

House and Life

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dreams Do Come True (ha ha!)

The original picture that caught my eye courtesy of Habitually Chic's scan of Vogue Living.
The gorgeous cottage from the water.

That amazing lattice- clad dining room that I keep thinking about. I believe it was originally done by Sister Parish and then re-discovered.

Gwen on the porch in that fabulous orange dress.

I love the mounted sailboat. Do you think that was Windsor Smith's idea?
One of Gwen's adorable daughters in a vintage swim cap. Sofa now available at Windsor Smith.

A huge thank you to Heather at Habitually Chic and Courtney at Style Court for coming to my rescue on the search for Gwen McCaw's Maine House (see last post) featured in Vogue Living. These two powerhouses in the design blogging world went above and beyond to help me find and locate these pictures Thank you ladies, its nice to have blogging friends! And the pictures are just as fabulous as I remember!