House and Life

House and Life

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Boy

I realized this morning I haven't put one darn picture of the boy up since he was born. Sorry for the blurry phone picture, he's a wiggler. And I believe those are peas in his nose. But isn't he hip with that hair? I think I had about three professional portraits of Gigi by this age. James, zero. What is with the second? I've got to take him before he's not so baby anymore.

PS Those are Target diapers he has on. They run $13 and change for a box of 96. You can't beat it and they don't leak. It's also nice not having to look at Elmo for 3 more years. I know this isn't a children's blog, but if you have any in diapers still you might want to give them a whirl.


I'm thinking of putting a Greek bust in the dining room. Has it run its course? When Eddie Ross has one, does that mean it jumped the shark? Because everybody is watching you Eddie! Just wondering. I do think you should follow the philosophy that if you love it, then just go for it.

Images from Domino, Windsor Smith, Eddie Ross, Elle Decor