House and Life

House and Life

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Jen, David, and me at the Campbell
Walking out to insanity of the Giant's win in the Super Bowl in Times Square. Some crazy fan took our picture.
And yes, we did find David Jimenez in the Big Apple!!! David had Jen and I him at the Campbell Apartment, in Grand Central Station. It couldn't have been more pitch perfect. If you don't know about the Campbell, its this tucked away, magical spot that was originally the office of 20's mogul, John W. Campbell. I found this information about John and his misnamed "apartment"-

"Not until 1999, long after his death, was the office of John W. Campbell restored and renovated into a public bar and lounge called the Campbell Apartment. The name is apparently a misnomer, people having assumed that such a grand space was an apartment, not an office. The walls and ceiling were brought back to their former glory and the original steel safe, once hidden behind a wall, now sits in the massive fireplace as a reminder of Campbell's wealth. The renovation cost $1.5 million.
In 2006, Mark Grossich, who restored the leased space and owns the bar, decided the Campbell Apartment needed further updating. He hired Nina Campbell, an interior designer in London, to spruce it up. She replaced a largely blue palette with a largely red one, including new carpet, bar stools and chairs. To avoid closing for even one night, the renovation took place in less than 12 hours and cost $350,000". *taken from Wikipedia

Ok, now about David! He battled for well over an hour to get a cab from the Bronx due to the Super Bowl to meet us. Within 5 minutes, you are so smitten with David's ease and generosity. And can I mention how handsome he is? We learned how David earned his star creative status through hardwork and determination, and innate talent. His candidness about his early days at the Gap, right out of school winning competitions in the store, is h-i-l-a-r-o-u-s. But David just has that "it" factor that you immediately can't deny, and neither could the Gap. And after moving up, up, up, the corporate ladder, he seamlessly transitioned into world of home design for both Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. And of course he conquered that world as well, and now working his magic for Hallmark Inc. He says there are big changes to come! So, a girl can't give away all her secrets from a fantastic night in Grand Central Station, but I can predict David's full impact on the interior design world has yet to be seen.