House and Life

House and Life

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wooly Baby

Why didn't I discover these in November? They are made out of recycled sweaters and I'm thrilled to see they come out of Philadelphia! Find them on Etsy here

I found them on lovely Kayce Hughes blog. Every time I am overwhelmed I'm going to remind myself of this mommy of seven who designs and operates a women and children's clothing business. Keep it up girl!

More Randomness

I'm pretty psyched about my new coffee table. I can see why it was in there Where Furniture Goes To Die section of our local furniture store. Brass and smoked grey glass isn't exactly a hot ticket here in Northeast Pennsylvania. But its so glamorous in my book and I love the bit of shimmer over the zebra. And its actually kid friendlier than our last (much lower for James to surf without being able to pull it down on him). It does get sticky, but the smokey glass doesn't show as many fingerprints. Amen! Now I'm after two old chairs two flank my dining room table, reupholstered in the classic David Hick's LA FIORENTINA

Speaking of, I thought it might make a nice "Deal Alert" to offer this iconic fabric at the sale price of $79.00 a yard, as it retails for $114.00! Email me what color you want and the yardage, and we'll get it right out!

Photos Domino Magazine, Me