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House and Life

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yellow, not so Mellow

Do you all remember this picture from Blueprint Magazine? I just never got over this yellow door. I'm thinking about painting our new front door on our very old house a great yellow. I'm sure my Scranton neighbors are getting very nervous if they are reading this. But I think if you paired it pitch perfect, it would be sublime. Not easy right? So what shade?
Maybe Cane by Farrow & Ball
Or Sunny at Heart by Mythic Paint (gotta love the name)
What about Ralph Lauren Bicycle Yellow
By the way, Blueprint's door color is the following:
Hollandlac Brilliant paint, $95 per 2.5 liters,

Moss strikes again!

Did you happen to catch this article in W magazine about design charmer Charlotte Moss in this month's W magazine? If you don't get it, or would like to read the article, check it out here:

What I so appreciate about Charlotte is her ability to balance business with design. She is a brilliant merchandiser, always cognisant of the bottom line as the article reveals. Admittedly tough, Charlotte has also made a few blunders along the way (such as a mismatch with another high profile designer), which makes me like her even more! I think I'm going to pre-order her new book from the website, "A Flair for Living". What is your take on Charlotte?