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House and Life

Monday, February 4, 2008

New York Gift Show

It's Lulu of Lulu DK fame! I think she may have thought I was slightly psychotic for asking her to take a picture for the blog, but she was lovely about it which makes me believe she's a great girl. Pre-order her highly anticipated book, Lulu! And honestly if we all didn't love her fabrics so much, I would never had put this awful picture of myself (does anyone have lipstick and some powder?) Her baby and bedding line for Matouk was terrific ( and Mr. Matouk was really nice as well.)
Jen checking out some adorable napkins we picked up for the shop.

I thought this line ( I'm still digging through my paperwork for who it is, sorry) was really interesting mixing metals and wood.
I really wanted to see Bungalow 5 in person, and it didn't fail to impress. Really quality construction with fun colors and shapes. Great scale, I love their tables. I see one in my friend Kathy's living room project.
Their new Berkeley collection was lovely

A wall from Two's Company, a monster accessories company. Jen and I thought this was wallpaper at first, but its actually a real wood installation. I thought it was really inspiring.

What a great time in New York City this weekend. Jen and I headed to the Javit Center to see what is new at the Gift Fair. I admit that it is so overwhelming and there are so many great designs and lines. The Wearstleresque influence was so apparent in many of the accessories. But also I felt there is a forthcoming American nostalgia. Pillows with needlepoint, colorful chests, and nods to Old Glory. Love it or hate it, its coming! I would have taken more pictures, but not all retailers are down with that and I didn't want to get us thrown out. Overall, a nice show. But I know you all are waiting for the best part.......


Pink Wallpaper said...

you are so funny...did lulu think you were so random!! how much fun was nyc! i am so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time...what fun. NYC is a pretty awesome place to be.