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House and Life

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Were you Raised in a Barn?

Cassandra's renovation before..
And after
An interior shot. Love those dark floors with the step. The glass doors are original (once the tack room!)
My mother in law Patricia has this amazing old barn in the back of her property that I always dreamed I'd turn into a home away from home. I'm not sure if she'll ever let me, but you can understand my excitement when I logged on to Cottage Living (where is my April edition??) and saw this amazing renovation by Cassandra Naylor in Baltimore County, Maryland. And eco-friendly to boot! Here is the article if you can't wait:


My Notting Hill said...

That reno is terrific. My husband and kids are in upstate NY this week and there are tons of barns like that - just sitting around...hmmm.

My Cottage Living hasn't arrived yet either.

House & Life said...

I didn't realize you are in NY, how inspiring. God's Country for sure. I think you might want to scoop up one of those barns! Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

LondonCalling said...

No Cottage Living but I finally got my Domino. They skipped last month entirely.

Pigtown-Design said...

She's an amazing woman with loads of great kids & grandkids. A real lady.

Marie Louise said...

I bought this issue in an airport while waiting for a flight. I loved this place too, the roof, the solar energy. I'm thinking of doing the same roof on my mid-eighties contemporary someday (the day after
I rob that bank) to bring the structure up to date. Love your taste!