House and Life

House and Life

Monday, October 13, 2008

What is Coziness to You?

Images from the homes or works of designers: Ruthie Sommers, David Jimenez, Todd Alexander Romano, and Robin Bell.

As we three (four including the dog) settle into our new digs, I realize I've yet to create a "so-called" cozy spot. It's really driving me crazy. I think part of the reason I've been driven mad by this is I gave up a working fireplace in the new digs. I know I will add one (most likely gas, you don't even WANT to know how much it is to build a new chimney). So here is my question for you. What do you need to feel cozy in your home and do you have it? I sampled a few of my favorite rooms above which all seem to have mastered it in diverse ways. Do you need a lot of print to feel the warm vibes, or can you settle in to a neutral palette full of texture and not too much noise? What else? Funny, both appeal to me. Somebody come build me a fire.

PS DJ, I will cozy up to that bar cart one of these years...haha.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I like this topic!

For me, it's a sense of confinement (I find it hard to feel cozy in a looming volume of space), a deep chair or sofa, a place to put up my feet, down filled pillows, and great lighting. Lighting is maybe the toughest thing to get right, but multiple light sources, at least three or four, each no more than 40w, (or everything on a dimmer!) seems to do it. Oh, and a glass of wine!


Love the David Hicks wall paper in the first picture - stunning!

Trina said...

An environment that you love is most cozy.