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House and Life

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Last House

Our "new" front door

Our last front door

Was this great duplex that we basically gutted (yes, we've been down this road before). Anyhow, I painted the front door a great orange which I still love to this day. And I'm grateful to the new owner for not painting over it, who happens to be a best friend of mine. So I'm stuck with my new door. I want to give it a punch color (I think), but just can't decide WHAT color. Can I ask for some suggestions? Or should I just leave well enough alone?


Cote de Texas said...

hi! it's hard to see the new front door - is there glass in it? gosh - Im really not sure!! maybe that red would look good or maybe a bright green?

ask this girl - she's a color specialist:

Will you let me know what she says? I'd like to know myself!!!


Colour Me Happy said...

I'm thrilled to give my two cents on the matter! It looks purple right now which is nice as that's the complement to the yellow house but it does look too dark with the overhang so I can understand wanting a brighter colour. Love that orange door on your last house but it's too funky for your new character house plus it would fight with the red brick on the stairs. How about just a darker yellow shade? Something like Benjamin Moore's Buttercup 2154-30 or HC-10 Stuart Gold. I thought about green but it would have to be dark as well (unless it was a yellow green but I think that's too funky as well, the gray trim makes the yellow a little more serious on this house) to work as an accent colour so I ruled that out. The other option could still be in the orange family but moving more to a rusty shade like HC-50 Georgian Brick. I look forward to seeing what you end up with!

My Notting Hill said...

It sounds like your a "painted door" person (I consider myself one - if you go to my Dec. 16th post you'll see my bright blue door off to the side of the pic) I think you should go ahead and paint it! I think Colour Me Happy's idea to brighten up the door sounds great. Look forward to seeing what you decide.

gdaybeautiful said...

Go for it, life's too short to be dull.

Rebecca said...

I have a theory that the front door should reflect the rest of your home. When someone steps into your home they should again see that color. It does not have to be the main color but the house should flow and that starts on the outside.

I like happy doors.

Hi! This is the first I have discovered you blog.