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House and Life

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back With Stripes

I'm happy to be on the blogging bandwagon. How's everyone?

Ok, so I was feeling a bit blase about my stairwell. So Gary the fabulous painter came and did some stripes on the bias. I've lived with them for a few days and its a major change to say the least, but I think I really like it. If you are going to make a statment you better make a statement, right? What do you think?


KEEHNAN said...


Laura Casey Interiors said...

welcome back and well done! Are you going to paint the stairs and railing a color? Looking forward to reading your posts again.

Shawna said...

It looks really neat!

Shawna's Study Abroad

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great. But the lower wall needs something - maybe a large piece of heartwork? Or wallpaper? I think it needs something....but love the wall.

Your House and Life said...

Totally agree ANON and looking for a piece! There is grasscloth on there which is tough to read in the photo. In person, a lot more depth to it. I'm thinking of painting out the staircase as well (even before the stripes in soft white with black rail). What do you think!??

Southern Exposure said...

Hi - I am new to your blog. These stripes look great! I definitely think you should paint the stairs white with a black railing. We just painted our stairs a few weeks ago and it made a huge difference.

Nice job!