House and Life

House and Life

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's hard not to talk about people when they move to town. Especially when they are super talented and take over a downtown boutique making it that much chicer. Jon Chernes and Matt Drace are the shopkeepers of the Lavish boutique in downtown Scranton. Think House Beautiful, Town and Country Magazine, Martha Living Omnimedia to name a few. They have worked at the top for them all. Lavish started out as strictly a bath and body boutique (with two fabulous previous owners who put their neck out there in some less cosmopolitian times in our dear city). But Matt and Jon have taken it to the next level with chic housewares, a mini spa with decor that makes you sink in and forget about your late day work(ahhhm, perhaps personally speaking with one of the cute duo talking me into a bit of vino), and still the best body goods in town. If you are in town, I wouldn't hesitate to visit. Tell em House & Life sent you.


Hill Country House Girl said...

Looks like a wonderful shop. Don't you love it when new places like this one open in your town!? Wish I had a trip to Scranton in my future!

Anonymous said...

I'm stopping in there for sure