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House and Life

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season to Be?

Are you all in the mood yet to decorate for the Holidays? I went on a local house tour yesterday and Christmas has certainly arrived! Last year I remember having virtually no furniture in the house to speak of which contributed to a lack of visual warmth. So I proceeded to go out and buy the biggest Christmas tree I could find. It was ridiculous. But I'm never really one to go all out. I think in the works this year are real wreaths once again on the windows hung from a greek key or striped ribbon, boxwood topiaries flanking the front door, and a sparkling tree. I love my friend David Jimenez's idea of putting a pretty wreath in front of each mirror tied from a satin ribbon inside the house. Simple and tres chic. If it was up to my mother (she knows she's guilty) the house would look like it threw up Christmas, but I just can't pull it off. So here's some of my favorite images this year.

Images from Elle Decor featuring Miles Redd, Canadian House and Home, and Martha Stewart


bluehydrangea said...

Loving the second room!! Perfect. I don't go all out either and it bugs my kids. But I do hang wreaths over 3 big makes me happy.

Katy said...

I too grew up in a house full of Christmas tchotckes. I swear my mom went to every Holiday bazar on the platent. My new goal is to find an elegant, streamlined Christmas balance...these pics are great inspiration!