House and Life

House and Life

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winging It

So about a month ago my husband came home with a very ugly wing chair peering out the back of his pickup. At first I wasn't sure if I was happy with such a gift, but upon further inspection as he pulled it off the truck I saw what great "bones" it had. He remarked, "it's got the lines you want, right?" with a grin on his face. What a sweet husband I have to grab a chair by the side of a dumpster (yes, trash bound) on his way from work and bring it home to his ever-design scheming wife? So I immediately ran up to the office to start looking for a fabric to make it current and relevant again. I decided on a super durable, stain resistant (that's my reality with two babes) grey flannel. I immediately went to the go to guy, brilliant designer David Jimenez for his advice on tricking it out. He said to put a double welt edge on it to make it that much hipper. How fabulous! So here it is. Can you tell I'm having a grey run?


Alexis said...

He's a keeper! The hubby I mean, but so's the chair. Love it and thanks for the inspiration!

Alison Duffy Design said...

Ha! I think you might know him...