House and Life

House and Life

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm sick. My kids are sick. For over a week sick. I'm really sick of runny noses. And the world is kind of falling apart right now. I'm ready for some cheery weather and some cheery times. I know that's not coming anytime soon (for sure in the weather department) so I'll look to interiors. Isn't it at least wonderful we can escape inside?

Images from House Beautiful,Domino,Unknown


Hill Country House Girl said...

LOVE that corner kitchen window. I have that image saved somewhere, too! Hope you are all better soon and I am totally with on escaping into dreamy interiors.Make the best of your time!

Linda in AZ * said...

* My friend, if that 1st pic doesn't "lift you UP", I personally WILL!!!! (Grins!)~

What a JOYOUS SMILE-MAKER it is!!! ~~~ Makes me want to redo my kitchen, just to have THAT to look at every a.m... gives ya "somethin' t' talk about!"~~~

Annnnd, hope you are back to par SOON!!!

Healthy blessings for a quick recovery for all!

Linda in AZ *

pam@pixelimpress said...

oh no. feel better soon. i am on the tail end of a cold. it came just it time for the long holiday weekend. figures ;) and the greyness of seattle weather doesn't help.

i could stand at the sink of that first picture all day long, all week long. how lovely.