House and Life

House and Life

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I took down a large piece of poster art from my last home that I quickly stuck up when we moved here to give it some life. But it sort of just blended into the wall and I never really liked it. So over the past few months I bid on some really affordable charcoal sketches (some starting at 99 cents on Ebay!) and cruised Etsy for additional selections. I love the girl with the skirt from there. I figured I would do my usual of buying inexpensive black frames from Michael's or any craft then have mats cut at our local gallery. But here Target came out with a great line of 8 by 10 opening size with much larger surrounds giving it that fabulous gallery look. And like 16 bucks a frame! Can't beat it. Hope you like!


Patty said...

Great find, ETSY always has the most amazing things!

Kris said...

Love! Can you point me to the frame on I can't find the one you bought..thanks!