House and Life

House and Life

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farm to Table.

I consider myself very lucky in life that I get to do what I love and I have the most terrific clients. Take in point Kristi. She is an amazing mom of two adorable kids that along with her husband bought a house about an hour away from Scranton. Its on a beautiful piece of land and word is her surrounding landscape is becoming the place to be. Rumor also has it that Ms. Martha bought a house not too far away.
Kristi is a follower of the blog and called me up to see if I could help with her living room project. I was happy to get on board when I quickly learned she had a great eye and a williness to explore all ideas to get this room to rise up to meet this wonderful family. Once again, terrific client.

Ok lets start with the carpet. I am not going to lie, it was an awful color. I give her credit for the strength to live with it as she inherited it from the previous owner. It had to go. Here is a visual before its demise.

So we then replaced it with a gorgeous wide board pre-engineered hardwood in a dark, variegated stain. The room opened up and came alive.

So we have 2 herringbone sofas coming from Lee Industries. The antique dining table is something she had and wanted to work in. We plan on laying down a couple of seagrass rugs. And paint swatches are up on the wall. Those funny little cornices (once again old owner) are a comin down and we are looking to some striped romans with tall, no frills white panels hung high. The brass ceiling fan (why people?) is being replaced with a new chandelier. And lots of mid level lighting as well. And don't forget the accessories! Some zinc and wood dining chairs are coming to join our nailhead wings this week. Now for a touch of glamour for Mommy, our armories to pull together the dining area:

Wow!! Is there such a thing as farmhouse glam? I think so! I love how the mirror reflects the landscape and adds a bit more light to this not so bright room. And client has reported that the have somewhat of an antique finish so fingerprints haven't been a problem. And thank you to said husband client for approving the mirrors. Hooray! But as we move on our direction is clear, a master of the mix in which lots of materials and textures are put to work that make for a successful room I hope! Progress reports to follow.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see the progress. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Where are those nailhead wings from?

Alexis said...

Droooooooooooling and can't wait to see the rest! Those mirrored armoires really make the room. Wonder if my hubby would go for that... I love Lee furniture. Have a few pieces and find them all at once stylish, classic, comfortable and well made. (And they leave you feeling good that you made an eco-friendly choice.)

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous! What an amazing transformation! Love the white wing chairs at the end of the antique table! So chic!
xo E + J

Alison Duffy said...

So nice to hear from the genius Eddie Ross camp!!! Thank you for those very kind words. xx

Cmcgrath said...

The room looks so fabulous!! Keep the pictures coming, love to see the transformation!!! You're work is awesome

Anonymous said...

I just love the whole vibe, please post follow up.

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