House and Life

House and Life

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I do always have the best intentions to be a TERRRIFIC blogger.

Then work, two little ones, husband, houses, always seem to take a front seat.

I thought I would just share some random pretties from the files.

I did tell you we are on a second house hunt, right? We are circling around Upstate NY,Berkshires, and Litchfield County. I know its kind of a large circle.

I'm ready to plant a garden too. I have this little patch in our house now. I put in a pea gravel bed right before the end of the season last year. Can't wait to share.

I feel like Winter is never coming to an end even though it barely snowed. But you know what its like to be stuck inside? Unless you are reading this in Florida.

That's all for now.

Images from Elements of Style, Chic Coles, Emerson Made, Unknown, Lonny Magazine.

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