House and Life

House and Life

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keep rollin..rollin...rollin...

Howdy my friends! I know its been like forever. Last I reported we sold our fixer in Scranton and moved into our little nest. Its been lovely. Then my husband showed me the Sunday paper with a house for sale a street up. I wasn't really interested in taking a look, but I agreed. After one walk through, we put an offer in basically walking out the door. It's going to seem like de-ja-vu for you who went with me for the ride of the last renovation. Yes, its pretty much a mess. But the reason I wanted it was for all its lovely bones. Butler's pantry, working fireplace, leaded glass windows, large lobby with a great staircase. And we haven't given up our hunt for a country place, but we thought we would up the anty for our little city life. Here are a couple initial photos. I hope you'll come along for this journey too. xx Ali

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siding pittsburgh said...

love the house, its very spacious and the ambiance is great..i want a house also that has a lot of windows..specially if the windows are vinyl, its easy to customized..